Wednesday, April 28, 2010

location: bs-26-01-19

monday- move in, pack and do grocery shopping (done)
tuesday- lessons from 11 till 8.30 (done)
wednesday- classes then international dinner, have to cook eygpt food zzz (today)
thursday- lessons from 9-9
friday- lessons then check out
saturday- work from 10-10, DOUBLE PAY SORRY CANNOT RESIST
sunday- work from 10-10, pack for next day's check in

but yay im feelin so much better w lots of panadol, some cough syrup and a bottle of luohanguo. glad tt wyy is my roomie hehehe cause we've lots of funny webcam moments hahahahahahaa sorry i hit ur face hehe. ♥♥♥♥
ok time to listen in class zzz i think mbs gna suck. :(

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