Friday, April 16, 2010

night at plover 16...

w these lovely ppl who made my first year in tp so memorable. Crazy camwhoring session w wyy's new mera. My eyebags can make 10 cups of tea, anybody wants some??

Anw im in 2M05. Not in the same class as @ksachdev @yanstasy and @lowyunling. I'm sucha pessimistic hahahahaha but its alright at least I knw someone in the class right?? Just that the thought of getting use to a new environment feels so tiring and everything. :(

Ohhh and ive got french as my cds. Yay or nay?? Shall see if i can get into 20th fc w the others or it shall be pub speaking, maybe i will even stick to french. One thing i can't w8 is for tns to start bcos ive an awesome roomie and maybe neighbours. ♥♥♥♥

Hehehhe off to work~~

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