Sunday, March 18, 2007

school is reopening tml. :"[

went out with jascintha,charmaine,jared,jerome and jiamin yesterday. to bugis. met quite early. 10.30am. overslept. :]

all of them bought school bags. the shop owner must be happy. :] bought bracelet with jared. and pair of earrings which will look weird on me but i like it very very much. :]

took neos. and walked around bugis. went back to tampines after that and i had to go home while the others went to tm.

jared and jerome are like mother and son. :] really really really.

today is boring. went natasha's house for history project. i think its completed. it must be completed. its due tml. did some maths and physics there.

sighs. reached home and went down again to laminate the history project. :"[

tiring la.

completed some other hmks. hope i didnt miss out any. :"[

this holiday sucks.


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