Saturday, March 03, 2007


i forced marissa to go shopping today because i realise that i need a new nose.

met marissa at tamp inter and she was L-A-T-E. sad me. :[ and i am having sore throat AGAIN. at the starting of the month AGAIN. had sore throat on 1st of jan. den 2nd of feb. now? 3rd of march.

den went to have lunch and headed to orchard,fareast. its not that packed compared to the last time i went with yanshan. when you see a packed shop/shopping mall, you will feel sian and want to goo home. :]

giggles. bought stuffs again. :] den went back to tampines. went cs and took neos. marissa accompanied me to have a haircut. :] not much difference. i feel happy because i didnt get the china-doll curse. chiamin named it btw.

china-doll curse cause me to have phobia in cutting hair.


i like this picture and i dont know why. :]

my father listens to teriyaki boys, tokyo drift. its extreamly weird. dont you think so.? i was about to shout. IRRITATING LA. and i realise its my father playing the song from his hp. -o-

and shit. my books are 10 days overdued. -o- marissa, i can accompany you to pay your library fines. -o-

sad me.


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