Thursday, March 15, 2007

sighs. mummy woke me up at 10am and she told me that she is going to help me shift the old stuffs out. trust me, later she is going to ask those sweeper/cleaner downstairs to help.

she woke me up at 10am and its 12.15pm now. she talking/gossiping/complaining on the phone about how free she feel after quiting the job/how the job sucks/the boss is a gay or blah blahs. this always happen. later she is going to find a new job and den the whole cycle will repeat again.

sighs. i hope i wont be like her when i grow up...

i will gooo out and look for a suitable dreesss for bro's wedding dinner later. i dont really get the meaning of SUITABLE. how unsuitable a dress can be? mummy kept repeating that HE IS YOUR BROTHER. YOU WANT LET HIM THROW FACE ISSIT. NEXT TIME YOUR WEDDING I WEAR SARONG GO LA.

unsuitable dress=sarong

thats how my mother thinks. -o- and later i will be going with her. sighs. i shall bring something like monopoly there to prevent myself from being bored. mummy=aunty=fussy.

12.26 she is still talking.

super mummy.



w o e m

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