Friday, June 11, 2010

living proof

In the process of updating my links, I removed the whole thing. Joke. So now I'm feeling lazy all over agn. Will do it... Someday.

Just sitting over here staring at this page... I have no idea what to type. Lost the ability to write about super random bits and pieces about my life already. Feel so lifeless my life is so mundane hahaha. Must be work i swear. Sucking my life awayyyy but it comes back during payday. Maybe its just me.

No life=nothing to blog=dead blog

But I will never close this space down because thrs like 5 years of memories here. In another 10 years time, 27 year old me will be reading this blog and smile hehe. Although the thought of me turning 27 is quite scary... Ok, decided. I must put in more effort to blog.


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