Monday, June 21, 2010

stars fading bt i linger on dear

School is starting tmr. :(

2 weeks isn't enough for us. With the neverending list of report due dates, presentations and tests, the remainding 4 weeks shld pass pretty quickly too. Then it will be our well-deserved 3 months holiday woohoo hang on!

Anw it's father's day tday and I baked a cake which burnt i really don't knw why bt it did... Edible bt... Ya lor. Never mind thrs always nxt year!! Gna have plan b: icing room hahhaha!

Ok gna turn in nw! Been nua-ing on the bed listening to 'dream a little dream of me' by glee cast for the past hour or so.

Relax only~

Ok good night!!

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