Tuesday, June 22, 2010

time keep moving forward



Its 8am in the morning and I'm eating my sunny side up+cheese+bread. Plus 10 hours of sleep which made me a very very happy girl. ^^

First day of school was horrible. 4 hours of sleep, 9am lesson, racking brain juice to do that individual journal first thing in the morning, running ard the sch to print 40 sets of survey and... All the awkwardness we have to deal.

I suck at handling awkward situations. Like... Uh ok?? Theres so many things I wna rant but obviously this is not the place. Should really stop complaining abt life, start looking at the bright side and be contented. Just that the motivation to make me go to school is really low now...?

Ok shut up.

Time to meet my members and head to cbd to get our cb project done at 9 in the morning... :(

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