Thursday, April 06, 2006

todae was a. boring dae. wif art n dnt n 2 tests. x(

during art. i was sitting down there. hmms. resting maii braiins. =D denn recess. den dnt. i hate cutting woods. x( shiien helpedd mii. =D yays. n denn mother tongue was late. furr 25mins. i didnt noe tat it was 25 miins. chi teacher wrote on daa paper. wonder wads tat furr. xD

EVERYBODY ISHH FULL OF PROBLEMS. why why n why. problems seem tuu be never ending. i m sure tat someone can stop tat. someone can jus let it. not happen. hmms. maybe. idunchh noe. haiis.

blardie mao mao lai. sae wad schh will check our blog. dots.dunch noe ishh. scaring us or wad. blogs are furr. writing out our feelings. hmms. maybe some peepx write out how they spendd their dae n blah blah blah. wads daa use of checking. its a online diary. euu cant stop us euu noe. unless euu can ban blogging in singapore. daa whole bunch of teenagers will go on strike.

AHHS. blahs blahs n blahs. lets ignore tat. thinking of tat will jus add on tuu maii problems. xD tats jus a tempory problem. xD learnt something new frm daa chinese test todae. =D cheryl. yanshan. BE PROBLEM FREEEEEEEEEE~ i noe its hard. xD

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