Tuesday, April 18, 2006

weeeeeeex. ITS RAINING. sho shuangg. after schh went furr math enrichment. n den NAFA test. x( didnt do well. xD lalalas. finishh le den chiong go home. =D its raining heavilyy. reach home le denn bathth den here i m. =D

woos. there are 2 birds at maii windoww. sho cute. chirpingg. =D weex. i m going tuu STUDY. =D buaii buaii. n i m not tired 2dae. =D


EDITED.(requested by NICHIAMIN)

wooos. i came tuu update again. its 9.20pm. yawnns. i m going tuu bed. I M TIRED NOW. but i will update before i go. =D thinking of tml make mii SIAN. all those boring periods. 2 science. 2 history. 2 english. 2 chinese. n assembly. still gort cca. tml ishh going tuu be a tired dae. xD lalalas. i was scaredd by yanshan. x( *shivers* yanshann. EUU GORT MII. I M HERE. =D

weeeeeex. i added 1 paragraph. muahahas. =D its LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG now. isnt it.?

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