Sunday, April 16, 2006

weex. reading NOVELS. love storiies. wonder why daa author like tuu put daa female lead tuu death. grrs. daa female lead will hab hart attack. dunch noe wad. not enuff white blood cells. n most ridiculous ones ishh. DA FEMALE LEAD WAS KILLED IN DA CAR ACCIDENT. n den daa male lead will go cry cry cry. n den regrets n blah n blah. storiies. most of them hab happy endings. but. hu noes wad happens after daa story. i remember someone telling mii dis. i think ishh chiamin or yanshan. xD

i dunch noe why i like love novels sho much ya. maybe its an influence frmm maii mama. xD weex. online novels are niice too. =D but reading all those doesnt seem tuu improve maii chinese. x( because its in fan ti zi. xD wonder why singaporeans dunch wan tuu write novels. den gort jian ti zi. =D whenever i read a book wif a sad ending. maii whole dae will be spoilt. n whenever it hab a happy ending. i will be happy. =D

blah blah blahs. i will eddit later. =D

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