Thursday, October 16, 2008


Practical just now. Physics was alright I guess. My acceleration of freefall was 7.6 metre per second(square). It was 9.6 then I realised I got the wrong value for the x-axis then it became 8.4 and became 7.6 because I took the wrong value for y-axis. No correction tape= cancel cancel cancel.

Chemistry was kind of hard... I don't even know what they were asking for. Bloody bunsen burner refused to light up. Tried around 5 times and I was in the shit shit shit mode. Ya, it managed to light up in the end and I've got a shock... It's like click, click, click x5645642 times and BOOM. ;[

Then another shock when I place the moist splinter with salt in the flame. HEHEHES. ;D

Over over over. Charmaine spilled the whole stinky ammonia solution. I guess she inhaled in too much of that and ate too much random stuffs. Her face became very pale and she start puking all the random things she ate. Ya, and she was cold all over. Guess she is alright now. Hehehes. ;D The last hour of the quarentine thing was spent in the hall's toilet. ;D

Lalala. Practical done. Written papers are next week. So fast. ;/

Dinner time! Bye!
Maybe it's time you look at yourself,
and stop blaming life on someone else.

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