Saturday, October 25, 2008


Joined a F21 spree... Hope it will arrive just as exams end. ;D Have alot of stuffs going on after exams BUT I have no clothes. Shop online. HEHEHEHEs. ;D Spent $67. Hehehes. Love that small little ibanking device... >;D

  • SLEEEEEEP WITHOUT GUILT*** berry berry important..
  • GYM...
  • EAT PONTIAN WANTON MEE. AHHHS. (craved even before Os start)
  • Watch Gossip Girl
  • Movie marathon
  • Haircut (and hair get dyed?)
  • Trim eyebrow
  • Bake cheesecake hehehes.
  • Shien's bday thing on 8th, before Os end but... ;D
  • Jared ktv/bowling day on 11th
  • BBQ on 12th
  • Class chalet on 13th and 14th
  • Marissa's birthday chalet 16th,17th,18th
  • 19th sleeping day
  • 20th-28th= 'free-style' HHAHAHAS.
  • 28th nov to 2nd dec THAAI (meeting M there on 30th)
I think there are more... Hmms. Can't remember. Hehehes. I have History on Tuesday. Ahhs. Stalin, Hitler, Khruschv and Gorbachev. I do hate History at times. Especially when Geog students score A1 easily and ya, the memorising part. <3 it when the paper didn't fall on my birthday. HEHHEHES.

History history, here I come... ;[
Happiness is only real when shared.

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