Friday, October 31, 2008

Creammmy. ;D

Hmmms. 4 more papers left.

It's nearing the end! Phew... Some parts of me don't want it to end though. Pretty sure that there will be alot of problems awaiting... I guess its predictable hahahhas. Shall see how it goes. ;D You can run but you can't hide.

Hehehes. Poa was ok today. I rushed through the paper only to realise I have another 30 minutes. Yea. The theory questions are like 4 or 5 marks. ;/ I BALANCED THE BALANCE SHEET. Yay. Good way to mark the end of the last Poa paper I will be doing? ;D The feeling is so so so good. ;D HEHEHEHS.

Hehehhes. I have my SS battle plan and I need to go now! 2 chapters per day. 3 days= 6 chapters. 1 Singapore and foreign topic per day= 3 Singapore and 3 foreign. Hope I can stick to it. -o-

Because if something was really important,
fate made sure it somehow came back to you
and gave you another chance.

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