Monday, May 29, 2006

WOOOHOOOS. the camp was quite fun ya. xD at first i was upset bout de grping la.. cus. i was de onli 1 inside. as in. gort sharifah n afiq. but. i m not close to them. they gort their own frens.? blah blah blah. den i wanted tuu go home. xD ya la. cute instrutor la. jeremy. enter tat grp gort happy a lil bit la. budden after tat still unhappy. :[

hmms. reached de campsite. first thing tat caught my eye was de sea. i love it larhhs. xD denns. made 1 fren. :] hui jing. xD wonderful. den i was quite calm after tat. didnt feel like going home tat much. even better after khim came tuu maii grp. xD

first dae.
hmms. gort rock wall climbing. i cant. cus gort nails. :[ another instructor was scaring mii. ORH GORT NAILS. SURELY BREAK ONE. DIE LIAO LA. >:[ den i gort freak off. den i didnt climb till the top. xD hmms. den. abseiling. xD i was trembling below. palms sweating. xD booboo. den gort up. de instructor sky talked tuu mii. den i slowly went down n down. xD i swinged tuu de rock climbing part i think.xD den zipline. i didnt managed tuu do la. no time. :[

denn went furr dinner. de washing of plates n stuffs was a lil disgusting. xD food ishh average.? hmms. denn. straw building. yea. de second thing i like ishh. de STARS at nite. sho nice la. its alot n alot n alot. xD gortshower after tat. onli gort a lil time. >:[ denn gort supper den slp. de dorm was not bad. berii cold. shuang.

de bad things of DAE 1.
1. late furr schh
2. differnet grp.
3. lining shed.

gort breadfast. denns. went tuu de challange rope thingy. it freaks mii out la. de log thingy. maii leg was trembing on top there. sho paiseh. denn. de string 1. funns. xD gort cute instructor there. xD gort lunch. denns. pitch tent. den de raft building. tat was fun. went into de sea. xD but extreamly uncomfortable during dinner n de nite walk. inside 1 wet short pants. den wear long pants. denns. wet t-shirt. soaked in sea waater. sticky. >:[ gort our nite walk. went into de middle of de jungle. *shivers* i was scared. xD grped wif khim hui jing n khari. actually onli 3 people. budden instructor sae. not good. xD i scremed every part la. instructor scared us. xD but walked out. xD den gort grp debrief. talk n talk. denns.. hmms. shower. :]

bad things.
1. cut at de leg.
2. 7 mosquito bites.
3. fall down in de sea.
4. found 1 bruise n have no idea how i get it.

kayaking. stoopid parnter. gary. gort sea sick la. >:[ about tuu puke. den tell him. he go shake de boat. lalalas. iwas rowing furr de most of de time. when i think tat he ishh rowing. but he didnt. >:[ when i realli feel like vomiting. den. he start rowing. it rained. when we haven even changed. stae at de shelter. freaking cold. de rain water splashedd in. den gort wind. was ren-ing. den in de end run back tuu de dorm den. changed. was much more better dis time cus we get tuu take a shower. xD lallas. camp fire preparation. denns. denns. game thingy. denns... had dinner. den gort shower. den de camfire nite. blahs. our grp de performance berii dumb. xD but its fun. jeremy dancing alone in front. lols. xD gort supper. den grp debrief. sighs. cried la. cus. mr lai leaving. mr mazli leaving. den de camp going tuuover. no jeremy. no mr lai. no mr mazli. :[ den cried.

LAST DAE. was sad la.. over le. :[ can go home happy la. buddenns. everthing gort de ending. dens. nvm. jus left. :[ washed de instructor toilet before leaving. :[ sho mnay bugs inside. went back tuu sch. gort report book. denns. go eat mac. denns. went home.

the jeremy was quite good la. gort alot of life experience. xD i love stories. somemore he quite cute. xD denns. grp de people oso good. only furr some la. :x overall everything was good. i learnt alot of things. n i strived till the end. :] let mii get some rest. xD

how i wish tat everything dunch come tuu a end.

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