Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hmms. hmms. hmms. hmms. went out with marissa today. bought a lil stuffs. i wan to buy the zinc bag. :] ahhs. marissa is so wonderful. she loves rosemary. n i cant pronounce therepy properly. wonder why i m so tired. sudden tiredneess. maybe its becus my legs are tired. n it makes my hart tired. n my eyes tired. my whole body is tired. n i began to think n type tiredly. when i think tiredly. all the stuffs began to look freaking dumb.

tired to bother about those useless stuffs. she shall ignore. n ignore. n ignore. dis is how a tired person update her blog. she starts to think tiredly. n. dont feel like updating. n of cus. she thinks tat she is in a bad mood all of the sudden. but it is jus tiredness. dont bother her.

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