Monday, May 22, 2006

sighs. todae was a tired dae. i woke up wif a BAD mood. bad bad. but felt better after raeching sch. :] hmms. had normal lesoons. denn. after schh went home tuu put things. denns. went tuu find chiamin n shien. :] went tuu de optical shop. marissa bought contact lense. denn chiamin look furr specs. :] i wann one month colour contacts. :]

sometimes things get out of handd. :[ its sad. life looks sho pathetic sometimes. sometimes i would stop n ask maiiself wad m i doing. but i realise tat its too late. :[ i guess i m one of de fortunate ones. i can get wad i wan. its time tuu be contented. but i dunch believe tat there ish ani single person in dis world ish contented. everybody wans de best. i have wonderful frens which i treat them like soul mates. not so wonderful family. but i have wonderful computer n handphone. :]

maybe some parts of life is wonderful. but some are not. tats called life. yes. :]

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