Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NORMAL DAE. but unusual slpyness. :[ was extreamly tired during history. i was forcing maiiself tuu open maii eye. denn. schh ended. history was last period. :] den while walking tuu tmart tuu eat. i felt like i can slp while walking. :[

BUT. when food comes. i m awake. :] muahhahaas. denn yanshan jiamin shien came tuu maii house. dens. o2jamed. dennns. played de sims 2. forget de time. n yanshan was slping. she slp while carrying de camping bag. -.- she ish cute. :]

went downn tuu buy some food. xD den came HOMMMMEEEEeee. AHHHHHHS. why m i still bothering if i should go tuu de camp or not. :[ when i told mama i wan tuu go tuu de camp. she saeeee. zi tao ku chi. -.- papa sae anithing. :] nooowwwwww. the decision ish made by maiiself. sighhs.

to go or not to go. thats a problem.

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