Friday, May 12, 2006

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. jus came back frm MALAYSIA. lallaas. bought stuffs n stuffs. xD such a wonderful place tuu shop at. but. its a dangerous place. :] lalalas. shopped furr 5 hours. i can go longer euu noe. but. maii mama ishh tired. :[ nvms. she promised mii tuu bring mii there next time. although she seldom do it. she makes alot of emtpy promises. >:[

lallaas. morning. woke up. ate breadfast kopitiam. denn. headed tuu jb. TRAFFIC JAM FURR 1 HOUR. denn walk n walk n walk. bough jacket. shirt. shoooess. i noe shien ish tempted. :]] denn. went tuu eat lunch. went tuu a cute lil place. the seats are actually swings. sho wonderful. how nice if singapore has such places. den went tuu buy a horoscope magazine. denn. hmms. bought a strawberry necklace. xD lalalas. walk n walk n walk. wanted tuu buy a bag. stingy mama pulled mii off. >:[ den we walk n walk n walk.den went home. TRAFFIC JAM AGAAAAAAAIN. >:[

nvms. since its a public holidae. there will be alllloooooooooooooot of people. xD SUCH A WONDERFUL DAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. lallalas. mother's dae ishh coming. YUMMY FOODS are waiting furr mii. life ishh sho wonderful now. isnt it.? xDD

dinner time. xD

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