Wednesday, May 31, 2006

was slping peacefully when jiamin called. about to answer den she hang. when to wash face n brush teeth. :] ate ba zhang. den. she called my house. asked to look for part time job. den. jiamin n shien came to my house n we set off to west coast. shity far la. de cab is around. 18. each of us paid 6. -.-

denns found out there. weird weird one. shopping centre. dont look like one. so creepy. decided not to go. :] den when to take cab to clemeti mrt station. den sit to city hall. when to eat at food junction. denn went to marks and spencer. so wonderful there. :] chocolates. bought chocolate biscut and shared gingerbread man. erms. de gingerbread man has giner smell. n i hate ginger. but i still eat it. since its not strong. :]

owed jiamin money. xD went back to tampines. went to take neo. and de machine is faulty n we retake. xD went to library n borrowed quite alot of books. den we went home. n here i m. :] shall stae at home tml. :]]

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