Tuesday, May 16, 2006

AHHS. wonderful dae. :] wanted tuu miit jorene at 11am. but. end up mitting aat 1++ . nvmms. denn went tuu mit her. went tuu BUGIS. saw de bag i wanted. :] it shall be mine on fridae. going there wif jorene. :]] oh yeah. saw marissa n shien. MARISSA. WE HAVE FATE. FATE BROUGHT US TOGETHER. :] lalalas.

after walking around. i remembered. i didnt off maii com. lols. nvmm den. xD hmms.. went tuu eat mos burger. dennnnnns. went back tuu tampines. de mrt was shiity full. :[ i was like. AHHS. JORENE. den jornee pulled mii inside. -,- denn came back home. wanted tuu go later. BUT. i remembered tml ish WEDNESDAEEEE. getting back de results narhhs. xD excited. happy. HOPE. there ishh no cca tml. hope narhhs. budden. confimr have.? lallaas. we shall c. xD

jorene maii lovable. xD
marissa. maii fateful darling.

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