Saturday, May 20, 2006

yays. went tuu malaysia AGAIN. but. wif different people. another aunt of mine. whom i hab no words to describe. i dislike her since i was 5. when i sat on her lap. she burp. n she continued chit chatting. i can smell all her bad breath. wonder wad she ate de night before. xD

another point i dunch liek ish. she ishh berii AUNTY. does hu repeats de thing which they hab say before. n nag nag nag. i HATE naggy people. seriously. i hate them. and de whole 2hours journey. she placed her elbow on ME. i used de pillow tuu block it. n she put it on de pillow. i move n move n move. can i sae tat she follow n follow n follow.? i was feeling sho uncomfortable furr de whole journey n gort a car sick. -.-

sae i m being rude. but i cant stand all dis. i simply show a black face in de car n everywhere. till she goes. i was feeling having headache n felt like i m going tuu vomit anitime. i told mama about it. she jus sae. OH I SEE. boohoos. i stlil feel like puking. :[

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