Tuesday, December 09, 2008



Hehehes. I'm going to rest my feet today. Tomorrow will be a long day... Standing for long hours. This time round at Parkway! Ahhh. Not really sure how to get there... So I'm going to leave house super early, putting 1 hour for getting lost there. ;[

Need to get more black stuffs too... ;[ Should be happy that I've got a job though. There's another job at Tampines Mall but the pay is much lower. No standard 'uniform'. So I can see myself fussing over what to wear. Parkway is much better. No? ;D

Wooooo. Dinner with Charmaine tomorrow. My last nice meal. The poor girl is working in a office now. She called me and said that she was at... Kim Seng Road. HAHAHAS. HAVE FUN MY SUNFLOWERRRR. Things are not that bad. ;D At least you can go online and decorate your berry empty table... Hehehes. ;D

Ok. I miss... my favourite. HEHEHES. ;D
What belongs to you will always come back to you.

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