Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Surgery today.

Hurrrrrrrrts when they injected the anaesthsia. I had more than 6 jabs ok. Lost count after that. Then they blindfolded me hehehes. So...I can't see anything. Ya. Duh. -o- They extracted 2 teeth first, slice my gum, extract the hidden tooth and sew it back. I felt the thread sliding across my face hahahaas! I can even see it now. ;[

It hurts like shit when the anaesthsia thing is gone. I was clenching my fist. Had to skip Brenda's ehub thing. Sorry. ;[ Took a nap. Long time since I last took a satisfying nap HEHEHES. Woke up and daayyydreamed. Hearrrrrrrts.

Had porridge for dinner. Then met my faaaaaaave<3333 Christmas eve tomorrow! Lunch with the girls. Yay. What should I eat...? ;[ Yawnnns, I need to do some thinking. Hmms...

Goodnight sugar. ;D
sometimes all a person needs
is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

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