Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tired. ;[

Promoted Sunplay's sunblock lotion at the Standard Chartered marathon today. Padang. The job was quite simple I guess. Ask if they like to try the lotion with a smile plastered across your face. ;D Met some weird and funny people. -o-

Hehehes. Headed to Whitesands to work after that. The cash register is fun. Hehehes. The whole visa and nets thing is abit confusing though. Practice practice practice. ;D Yvonne was quite patient with me. Teaching me stuffs over and over again when I forget. -o-

I panicked quite a number of times today. When I am alone in the shop(Yvonne went to pee), gave the wrong change(once), cannot find the barcode(ALWAYS) etc. x.x And ya. Yvonne thought I was 20 years old. -o- She reminds me of mummy. Hehehes. I think she likes Abba alot. Dancing queen~

Dawn Yeoh.



Would you like to try our sunblock lotion? ;D





Hehehes. I need to get more black tops! I don't have any hahahas. Borrowed from Jorene in the middle of night. ;[That's the 'uniform'. -o- I prefer white as compared to black. I believe that colours can change one's mood. HEHEHEs.

marissa- MAYBE HE WILL. ;[
yaya- HEHEHES. ;D
marcus- not nice at all. pooor kidddds.
hi!- you mean who?
sheila- nopes. ;D
passerbyyyyyyyyy- hehehes. yea. going in jan instead. ;D SAFEST. -o- ya, try. ;D
weiler- not kidnap. is adopt hahahas.
wencheng- HEHEHES. ;D ikea box also belinda's hardwork.
marcus- no more cat. ;[ (you got pig HEHEHS)
bem- nopes. ;D marcus's? ;D
ys- HEHEHHES. SORRY BABY. more stuffs for you when im back. ;D
jorene- yay. we will meet soon. SOOON. ;D

Done, done and done. ;D

Good night!
You can't control who you love.
You can't control when you lose your heart.
The only thing you can do is trust.
Trust that the person who has your heart,
realizes its value.

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