Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sighs. It's 31st of December already.

Hmms. I'm feeling rather... ^%$#@%$. HAHAHAS. Must be because of the chalet thing tomorrow. I have this very strong feeling I will suffer a loss(i paid for everything). Since we booked everything according to the response people gave intially... Sighs. ;[

Never mindie hehes. I AM GOING TO PUT ON BRACES... later...? Around 10am. Shit. I really hope I won't look weird in it? Well. Maybe it will intially. Not use to it and stuffs like that. Ya. ;/ Ahhh. I think it's too late to hesistate now HAHAHS. After plucking 5 teeth, going through some surgery and paying half the sum of money needed... Hmms. ;[

Another thing is about my job. Thinking if I should just give it to Shiyun. Since she sort of gave up her another job and there is no vacancy here. All the weird things happening recently is freaking me off. Ahh. Shall re-consider. ;/

There are still other stuffs on my mind. I hope things will turn out good tomorrow. ;D Chalet, braces... Everything.

What a way to bid 2008 goodbye.

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