Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Count to 3

Wednesday, I overslept.

Had a funny dream. Ah, I'm starting to remember my dreams. Not a good thing man. Some are pretty scary. It's scaring me. I hope such dreams don't come through. Not even dreams, they are nightmares... :[

Sian. I remember I've something to blog about. Can't seem to remember now. Sigh. I feel weird this few days. For many days actually. Whats wrong. Who should I ask this question to. Hmm. No guts to ask also. I think the answer is what I fear the most... That incident 2 days ago re-confirmed my... Suspiccccion towards... Myself. HAHAHA.

Okie I think I'm going to join the rest at the airport.

Whatever will be,
will be.

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