Wednesday, July 01, 2009



Skipped csa and went for my braces appointment. @jeanleejljy accompanied me there. Thank you love. So... 3 days of tofu and porridge I guess. Got to explore for more variety of soft food. Today's appointment suck. They poked my gum like its free. Like I pay them to poke my gum till it bleeds..? :[

Packed like, one side of my room and my wardrobe. Woohoo. Big accomplishment.

Actually, I've nothing to blog. Tomorrow will just be another day... Attending accounts lecture after 3217381 years. Classified financial reports. Never hear before. Ok. 11am. Don't be late, don't be late.

Okie. Byez.
at the end of the day, you either
focus on what's tearing you apart
or what's
holding you together.

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