Sunday, March 01, 2009

SKITTLES. I like purple ones... ;D

My left eye is swollen... WHY... ;[ Elaine(new girl number... 5?) said that I look like I have a mosquito bite on my eyelid. So retarded... Walao. Sad me. ;[ I went to check the mirror every 15 minutes to see if the swell is still there. ITS ALWAYS THERE... >;[

Going to work at Tampines Mall tomorrow! Kind of excited hahahas. So near lor. Spot me if you can. HEHEHES. ;D Hahahas. But I made Jenny pissed off... ;/ Sort of messed up the schedule she set for me. I can't like work full for 3 consecutive days... I agreed to work tomorrow because I thought Tuesday can rest. I thought la. -o-

Berry nice weather to sleep... Hearts hehehes. ;D

Night night. ;D

You'll never understand a quote,
until you've lived through it.

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