Tuesday, March 03, 2009

1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you.
(another repeat-in-head song-o-)

Wah. I worked full for 3 days. Supposed to be my off day tomorrow... Supposed to be. -o- Anyway, work with Wanling was fun. HAHAHAS. I think I got really sleepy at around 8++. I couldn't understand all her jokes. You all know how am I like when I'm sleepy... -o-

I think this is my last month at work. Hehehes. Feel like leaving some time out to slack. HEHEHES. Planned how to spend my pay. Daddy said that I am horrible... I planned how to spend even before I start earning it. At least I planned. ;D

Come to think of it... I don't know where my pay goes... Hahahas! Pay day pay day... ;D

Ok. I need to catch some sleeeeeep.

Good night bunnies!
Sometimes the person you want more than anything
is the person you're simply better off without.

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