Sunday, March 15, 2009

I think I'm sort of... fired?

Actually no. I still get to work on certain days. Just not as much as before. They hired another full time girl... ;[ Walao. I feel very cheated. Jenny was saying that I will get a pay rise. THEN NOW LEH? CUT MY WORKING HOURS. ;[

Somehow, I feel that those working full time need this job more than I do. Well... They have alot of burden. Whats mine? Not enough to spend on shopping? Too much time to spare? I don't have a whole family to feed or something... ;/

Think I learned alot from this job. Hmms. Now I know I cannot work in customer service stuffs. Hahahas. I find it... Tiring. You have to smile no matter what happened. I experienced it a couple of times. People mess up the place, you smile. People say discount too little, you smile. People say your things ugly, you smile. People show stuck up attitude, you smile. -o- No matter how lousy you feel or how sucky was your day. You have to smile. Grace said that it's like wearing a mask. I agree to that. ;[

Then when it comes to serving customers, it suck even more. HAHAHAHAS. Frankly speaking, I don't like to serve customers. I prefer to be served. Wait... Who doesn't? -o- Sorry ah. First time in sales line. I think Jenny sort of understand how I feel. She gave me time and put in nicer way. Helping, not serving.

On the otherhand... You get to meet all sorts of people. Me like. Some are berry nice, they share interesting stories and life experience. Some others are horrible. Those are the kind of people I vowed never to be like. Parkway people are so much friendly as compared to Tampines Mall and Whitesands. Sighs. Colleagues are greaaat. No longer that newbie who gets freaked out when left alone in the shop. Learned alot. Seeerriously. ;D

Hehehes. This post can go on and on... I worked for more than 3 months, there are alot more things to blog about... Hehehes. Another time, if I remember.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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