Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I cannot get into sleep... ;/ I hate this feeling. Hahahas. It's like... Everyone is sleeping yet I'm not. Horrible. Frustrating as well. I guess my body is sort of used to the sleep late, wake up late thing. -o-

I slept at like 10 just now. 10pm ok, I felt randomly tired. Then at around 12.45, some retard decided to message me. -o- I hope that person won't be reading this. He didn't mean it la... But like... ARGHS. Bloody hell. Super irritating can... Then it's like 2.49am now. Super awake. I want to sleep but I'm awake. YOU KNOW THOSE KIND OF FEELING? AHHHH. ;[

Oh my god. Time, please pass. School, please start.......

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