Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don't know why... But I feel damn awake and happy now. HAHAHHAS. I didn't get enough sleep last night. Woke up at like... 8 this morning. Must be the coffee... Work was greeeat and satisfying. ;D

Oh ya! Had dinner with Yanshan last night. Hehehes. ;D SAW A RAINBOW! The last time I saw one was quite sometime ago... With daddy and mummy. I was berry happy back then. Hehehes. I didnt swip out my camera and take a photo of it(a blogger THING). We were crossing the road and... It will be retarded and life-threatening. Hehehes. ;D

I think rainbows are one of those small stuffs which makes people happy. 11.11 makes me happy. HAHAHAS. Then... Seeing alot of stars in the sky makes me happy. Shooting stars? Damn rare. ;[ There are more but I'm lazy to think la. Hahahas. Sometimes people just get so caught up in life and ignore such stuffs. ;D

Hehehes. Ok. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YIMING AND JERALD! ;D Oh my. Jascintha sho cool. I love her. HAHAHAHAS.

Good night!
Don't close the book, but turn the page.

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