Monday, June 22, 2009

This too, shall pass.

Today super slack. Yaps, overslept. Lucky Kellynn gave me a call. I just woke up when she reached school. HAHA. Rush rush rush, cabbed. The driver was... Loud. He shouted at me, "Girl ah do you know where is the pawn(porn)shop?" HAHAHA. I stunned for a few seconds I tell you...

Submitted microecons project and we were dimissed. Hmm. With 4 hours to spare... We subway-ed, went to Sumsung to see if I can fix my phone and Cotton On-ed. Daddy said he rather I get a new phone than to fix it. Heard it? Get a new phone. No la. Crazy. Contented with Omnia.

Jrock's Mr Nosey.

Kenny's cheer you up is... Indian.


I look tan.

I don't look tan.

Oh ya oh ya. Kimberly, Jean and Kellynn got into bsgig! Yay, you all got a 'cca' too. :D How I wish I'm with them. I'm like 'alone' in tpsu. Not alone but alone. I know I made new friends... But... People are in their own cliques too. Ya. Ok, open up Belinda, open up. :/

Lecture at 9am tomorrow. I won't be late, I won't be late. Okie. I must not be late. People with 2 digits in their bank account shouldn't take cab. Yes. Must let Miss Oh sign my loa, I got myself a 1 year supply of loa forms. Hehe. Braces appointments, save the hassle of going to the office and get them again and again. ;D

Okie. Time to pack my apel file. Zai jian.

Sometimes the feelings we start to
have again are the same feelings
that never really went away.

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