Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Day 2 in Thailand. Yay. Touched down last night... Had some western food... Went to Marissa daddy's house+office+factory(?). Idk la. Hahaha. You must be wondering why can I blog and I'm not going to tell you why. :D

Last night was kind of bad... The sleeping part. The snores are..... ZZZZ. Till I plugged in my ear piece and listened to How six songs collide till I fall asleep. But I woke up again. I hope tonight will be better. Yes it will. I will sleep like a log because I'm super tired now. :[

Eh I had some street Thai food at Chinatown and it gave me a bad tummyache. Sad hor my life. But it was quite nice la. :D Then dinner was at Steak lao or something. Nice hehe. M's daddy and mummy paid for my food. Guilty ah. :/

Photos after I come back ok? Need to rest and wake up early tomorrow because we are going to Platanium.

Are you excited for me. I know you are. Hehe. ;D

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