Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They call it Premenstrual Syndrome


Today isn't exactly a good day. I woke up feeling happy until I saw my peeling nose and it ruined everything. How? I hate my tan lines. How? I think I'm having serious ulcer problem, my dental appointment is next week... How? Cp went mia(we waited for 1/2h for apel lesson today&went to eat dory, i didnt tweet abt that right?), no one to sign my loa(JUST realise). How? Did my first student lounge duty. Classmates went there to lepak(and accompany moi). Hmm Kaijie was there too(mini yay). I'm being so not independent. How? I wanna post my selling post up sgflea and its always, I repeat, ALWAYS full. How? There are alot of things on my mind too. Bugging me like a bugger. How? Oh wait, I think that time of the month is arriving. How how you tell me how?

On a lighter note, I got 34.5/50 for that commskills test taken a long long time ago. I expected alot lower. Good job Belinda, good job... Ranting post? Yes. Finish up my work then hide under my blankie and sleep. Tomorrow will be a brand new fun day because we are going to mind cafe. RHYMES!

Life is 10 percent what you make it,
and 90 percent how you take it.

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