Sunday, June 07, 2009


Should I go for bsgig interview?
  • Im lazy.
  • Idk who is going.
  • Kimberly and Kellynn not going? :[
  • Tpsu results out tmr.
  • Bsgig like not v active leh.
  • I'm very very lazy.
  • Bad impression cause I didn't go for the first interview.
  • Interview agn... Self-promoting questions agn.... (i suck at it, i blabber alot when im nervous. blabber=talk without thinking)
  • Bsgig... Long name ah.
  • Don't know what is it abt hmm.
  • I'm super duper lazy...
HAHHAA. HOW. Ok, if the weather is warm tmr, I won't go.


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