Monday, May 11, 2009

Long pink glitter/shimmer hinge wallet.

I lost my wallet. IC, Matric card, ez-link card(just topup only lor), posb atm card, ocbc atm card, library card, 4 membership cards and... $12.

That person who took my wallet really damn unlucky lor. Go through all the trouble to get my wallet but inside only got 12bucks. If I were him I will slap myself... But my ic is inside. Please please mail it back to me can. Along with the rest of my cards. $12 give you I don't want already. You can keep my atm cards if you want cause I cancelled it already. Give me back my ic because I don't wanna spend $50 to make a new one... Don't take my card go borrow from loan shark/sign new lines/whatever you can do with a ic because I'm 17 only. Pretty please. Walao... Why me. Is it you like my pink wallet sticking out of my unzipped bag. Shit, I need to start learning to zip my freaking bag. Lucky you didn't take my Omnia cause daddy will kill me. Even luckier you didn't take my lappy or my cammy cause I will kill myself. Why am I so careless... WHY. Why are you so mean. Why. Some unknown Sec 3 kid who report lost for his ez-link card and got my phone number in the police post is damn irritating. I don't freaking play audition suckerrrrrrr. Walao eh. -o-

Damn freaking sian can... Ok... Need to terminate my ez-link card in case that fellow go on a crazy bus spree around sg or buying spree at 7-11. Inside got money one lor... Every cent counts. Need to get my new atm cards from banks tomorrow. $10 so never mind. Then... Apply new matric card..? Another $10. I hope that whoever picks/took my wallet will mail my ic back so I don't have to spend $50 to make a new one... New ez-link card need money anot ah. Mine damn new already lor. Like 1 week old. ZZZZZZZZ.

Ok la... Wallet only what....... No biggie... Just feel very unlucky and unlucky and sian. Ya.

Thank you M for accompanying moi to look around and waited with me at the police post. Love you.

Sigh. I need to do my fishy test. Bye.......

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