Sunday, May 24, 2009



I finished my excel shit yay!

I tried to take these stuffs seriously you know. It is graded and might come handy in the future. Who knows? But... I just get distracted so damn easily. Facebook... MSN... Blogs... Arghs. Then I get tired. I told myself that I will wake up early to do it. In the end... I snoozed the alarm until it stopped ringing.

So a project which looks like it will take like... 5/6/7 hours(max) to complete it, I took 3 nights(fri,sat,sun). -o-

Why nights? I am out during the day hehe. Saturday, I went to Jurong Point to support Vicky(I'm still trying to get use calling ys vicky HAHA). Ya. Today, I visited the zoo because it's free. Completely random but I did have fun. Minus the heat, smelliness, hyperactive kids and *******... It will be a perfect trip.

Hmms. I will upload photos tomorrow. I hope. I need to go to bed and wake up early tomorrow. To do my microecons tutorial... I must wake up. I must wake up. I must wake up.

Good night everyone. (tpsu called, interview...? ;/)
people think that if you love somebody hard enough
then everything is just going to somehow work out.
well, people are wrong.

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