Sunday, February 01, 2009


I am... bored and......... sad. So I slept for.... 14 hours... -o- Didn't sleep 14 hours straight though. Did wake up... ponder over the same thing and fall back into sleep. Aiya. Nothing. Never mind. (#$%#@!)

This blog is so useless hahahas. Makes me don't feel like blogging. Since I typed and backspaced so many times. Hmms. Time to... Change blog link. Change blogskin. Change everything.

Hehehes. On the lighter note... My school don't start tomorrow. ;D Happy school reopening... To those going JC. ;DDDD Eh, but I want April to come. I need something to... Distract me abit. You know. ;D

I hope April comes as fast as how February did. ;[

Oh myyyyy. I'm so... irritating nowadays. I shall look for people to irritate. -o-

HAHAHAHAS. MARISSA, I KNOW WHY YOU SEND ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALREADY. You are not lame. I am not slow. HAHAHAHS. Ok. I shall irritate daddy by telling him... I don't want to go... celebrate birthday. HEHEHES.


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