Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eww day....

A middle-aged guy came in with his... girlfriend(?) this afternoon. After digging his nose, he flicked his pisai away and then... scratched his... groin. -o- He was looking at hair accessories... Yucks. Using the same hand(digging, flicking and scratching), he passed me a $10 note to pay for some scrunchies. Wan ling(another part timer) and I were like... O.O

Another eww thing. I HAVE TO WORK ON VALENTINE'S DAY. ;[ Why why tell me why. After whining like hell... I get to leave abit earlier... My schedule was... 10am to 6pm. Jenny says that I can leave at 3pm. ;DDD Better than nothing... ;D

AND... EWW! MY PAYDAY WAS POSTPONED. SUPPOSED TO BE TODAY ONE LOR. THEN DON'T KNOW WHY... THURSDAY THEN CAN GET. >;[ WHERE CAN LIKE THAT... Hmms. No, I'm not really affected. I just don't like the feeling of disappointment... I went to the atm machine bubbling with anticipation can.... ;[

Eww eww eww. Even my return trip back to Tampines sucked too... Loud hailers bullshitting throughout the entire trip...

I think I had a bad day... ;[

Hmms. Tomorrow willl be a better day... Yes...

Good night!
it only hurts when you
start pretending it doesn't.

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