Thursday, February 05, 2009



I didn't sleep a wink last night but I feel strangely... awake now. Hmms. Maybe it's the embarrassment I've gone through just now... AHHHS. CHIAMIN, I WILL REMEMBER TODAY. YES. FOR LIFE... IT WILL STAY WITH YOU FOREVERR...

Ok... So... Chiamin and I went to Changi Airport's Starbucks at... 4am? Then we went back to school for some admin stuffs. Then she went for her lectures... I went home wearing my (east spring) school uniform... During a time where all people wearing school uniform should be in school. -o- I swear this is the last last last last last(x127921302173) time I'm going to wear the uniform. Ya. -o-

I sneaked out of the house... And I had to sneak back in. HAHAHAS. Can't sleep now because I HAVE WORK LATER. I know I will never wake up. -o- Hmms... How did I get myself in such awkward situation... At least Chiamin can go to her lectures with her small red eyes...

Shit... I think I'm getting sleepy. Lucky today is half day. If not I die. -o- Long night... Hope today's effort won't go to waste... ;D


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