Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank you M. I love you. ;D
And yes, I do love surprises.

Feeling a whole load better! Also, I received my enrolment package from TP(along with a touching+sweet letter from M)! Like, finally man. I'm feeling excited all over again. Hehehes. ;D Long time since I had the WAH ALOT OF THINGS TO DO feeling. You know? ;D Me like to write out checklists and check them. ;D

Hmms. Then... Thank you for those who took out time to talk to me/hear me rant despite being busy/tired etc. It's really appreciated. ;D I know I can get pretty irritating at times like this... I told myself that I can only be sad(and irritating) for 3 days. Hehehes. And yes, it's up. I feel good nowww. ;D I said I'll be fine and I'm fine now. ;D Yes, many told me TP GOT ALOT OF CUTE/HOT GUYS. THANKS AH! It helped, alot. ;D

Yay yay yay... I will blog with... Saturday's photo tomorrow. Hehehes.

Good night lovelies.
Experience is what you get when
you didnt get what you

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