Saturday, February 07, 2009


I feel really guilty today... Because of work. Hahahas. Don't tell you all. Feel like a big fat meanie. So... I'm going jogging with Jascintha tomorrow morning. Hehehes. ;D Like very long never exercise leh... ;[

Today... I accompanied Chiamin to get some school stuffs. She called me early in the morning... About 10am? Ok, not really. I slept for another 10 minutes after she called. HEHEHES. Sorry Chiamin, I don't do mornings. ;D Berry tired. Had lunch with her and met Jorene. ;D

Bugis-ed. Ahhh. Not a fruitful trip. ;[[[ But... I love Jorene. HAHAHAS. Randoooom but true. ;D I think she knows how I feel now. Like a... burst bubble(pop). Hehehes. And ya, Chiamin is right. I need to cure my mouth HAHAHAS. What goes around comes around... So it's better to be safe than sorry.


Omnia... suck at times. ;D



Cai shen ye scared me. ;[

Jorene. <3>

Hmmm. I think I will sleep early today. Always feel unusually tired at times like this. Hahahas. Like... Very sleepy...? ;[

Ok, bye dinos...
If everything happened exactly how and when we wanted it to,
nothing would be worth waiting for,
and it wouldn't be half as exciting.

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