Saturday, February 07, 2009


I ATE BAN MIAN. HAHAHAS. LIKE FINALLY... ;D Hehehes. With Marissa, Chiamin and Yanshan. ;D

On the otherhaaaaand...... I feel quite... Sian. Daddy is leaving for Sydney this Sunday. He will only be back on his birthday... I think I will miss him alot alot alot alot. Hahahhas... ;[ Life without daddy... Life (partially) without........


No, no emo-ing...

At least I ate banmian with my favourite girls, slept for 12 full hours last night, then I went Cotton On and bought a top+scarf(don't know for what), another top from Dorothy Perkins, a cute mouse to match my laptop... And then I got to talk to super tired Brandon for a little while... Daddy lent me his Omnia to use while he is away...

Ya, happy enough HEHEHES.

Life isn't that bad.... Right? ;D

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