Wednesday, June 06, 2007

yawns. i have been sleeping all day. shuang. xD heng i didnt take geog. :]

yes. china trip. :]

DAY 1.

went airport with mum and dad. but they left after that. yanshan, wenxian, marissa, yiming and arthur came to send us off. :]

checked in. and took some random pictures. couldnt really get into sleep on the plane. i didnt sleep at all. freaking tired after that la. reached pudong airport. we had to carry our luggages to the second floor. by stairs. -o-

we had to cross the "zebra crossing". in singapore, the cars will stop and let you walk. but in china, you have to stop and let the car go. during the first day i didnt know. and almost got bang by a taxi. jascintha and i were like. O;

sat the maglev train. which was fast. like 300 m/s. china seem to be very proud of this train. sat 4 hours of bus ride to nanjing after that. -o- its quite boring. had to listen to the guide talk. he spoke english at time. which is quite hard to understand.

he describe a person who is very fortunate as a LUCKY DOG. like. this lucky dog got what he want! not really very appropriate isnt it.

went to had lunch. couldnt get use to it la. got alot of veggies. dont know how to say. but after many complaints, they started to help us change the menu by adding some fried food. much better after that.

went to the toilet after that. EXTREAMLY DIRTY LA. i learnt a lesson to hold on to my breath in the whenever i go to public toilet after that.

went to the yangtze bridge after that. think its the longest bridge in the whole world or something.? or in asia. bought a crystal ball thingy for my mother. :] she loove it. hehehe. wanted to write mummy's chinese name in it. but i forgotten her name. -o- wrote english name instead.

china is very polluted.

had shopping after that. didnt really have time to shop for myself. had to buy other's gift first. gahgahs.

went back to hotel after that. and we had to practice singing seasons in the sun and we will get there. had to sing during the exchange programme on stage. outcome wasnt very good.

CHERYL: tuck out la.
JUNJIE: 不要不要!

oranges filling up forms.

cute eugene.

cheryl on plane.

thankyou people for the candies. :]



maglev train.

ok its. .301km/h

while waiting for bus.

mdm chin insited that the flowers are beautiful and wanted us to take a pic. -o-


teachers posing.

jascintha and i. I KNOW YOU TELL JARED HOW I SLPT ON THE BUS. :[ how i knocked my head on the window. and woke up saying that my head hurts. :[

china people work out in the middle of the street.

4 hours of bus ride.

the man who people in china respected.

view from the building.

the bridge.


cheryl and i.

he had to draw from the INSIDE. prooo. xD

wallace sleeping in a weird pose.

china love dragons.

dinner. :]

dinner. :[

joined the bed.

stuffed this in my luggage. :]

jascintha bought this elephant.

jascintha hate taking pictures i guess. :[

ok. done with day 1. :] yay.

byebye. i think i am going to watch some dvd tonight. since i am not very tired.

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