Thursday, June 21, 2007

so dead. ;/

hp bill. oh my freaking god. ;/ total amount for CHINA only- $116.20. how i wish its in china currency. -o- time to dig out those phone borrower since they stated the phone numbers here. ;/

ok la. somehow i expected it. but i didnt expect my father's reaction to be so big. hahahahhaas. long time since daddy is angry. xD his face was the standard. >:[

i think daddy will take it out from next month's allowance. hopefully not. xDD but ive got a strong feeling that he is going to ground me. -o- not tml please. class bbq and hotel stay. -o-

ok. we shall see what will he do. ;/

"just because you paint a picture,
it doesn't mean it will fit the frame."

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