Saturday, June 23, 2007

sighs. boring day. :{

had cold war with daddy for around 4 hours. :] he didnt let me out. not even tuition. lols. used almost every excuse. and the last one was i really love amaths that i need to go today. same old thing- get out now. -o-

sighs. but jas asked me if i wanna go jogging with her. :] hehehes. so i told daddy. i didnt ask him if i can go. :] he asked me to buy cheesecake for him when i am returning. wth. -o- lazy old man.

saw james and his brother. :]

hehehes. shall try to complete amaths by today. ahhhs. school reopening on monday. cut nails. :[ change sit. :[ AHHHHHHHS.

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... ... how i wish i can talk about my misery. this is a blog. gahs. never mind. one term. very fast. yes. :[

byebye. hehehes.
"sometimes PAPER is the only thingthat will listen to you."

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