Wednesday, June 06, 2007


yay. no more long bus rides. :] nobody can ever see how i sleep on bus anymore. I ADMIT THAT THE WAY I SLEEP IS VERY UGLY LAH. :[ at first when jascintha tell me i didnt believe. until i slpt and she took a picture of it. and den she showed me.

i went like. O: OMG. den jascintha told me the way i sleep dont suit my character. we were talking about it and mdm chin turned and said something like. the way i sleep is very ugly too.


mr leong too..

wooops. X2

den i started to prevent myself from sleeping like how they did. but cannot leh. :/ kaixin kept suan-ing me.

i have alot of photos of people sleeping in a very weird manner. :/ i shall think if i should take the risk. hehehhees. i shall blog again tml ya. quite tired. my black eye rings are very bad now. :[ although i think i slept alot. not as much as i did in the pass. :]

lastly i want to thank my extreamly tolerant sleeping mate. JASCINTHA. :] i know you had a very hard time waking me up. and sometimes i have some morning temper. hehehe. if i were to sleep with cheryl, i will be late everyday.

i made some new friends too. :]

ok. byebye. i will update tml. :] hehehe. please enjoy the 2 pictures above. because i risk my life to take it and to post it. thankyou.

thankyou those who went to the airport. :]

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