Thursday, June 14, 2007

freaaaaaaaaaaaaking hell. -o- my mother insisted on painting my room pink. there is nothing wrong with pink. i mean, i just dont want my room to be pink. i really dont.

i think my mother will spread the news that her daughter is not a girl. is there a freaking rule which states that a girl must like pink.? ok. i like pink. but i dont love pink.

but i manage to negotiate with her. at least a purple but i think i want blue. ;[

nevermind. :"[ i shall talk to daddy when he is back home and he will be very very happy. because i am staying at home for A DAY. :] uuuuuuhs. actually i was suppose to have crepes with jorene and jascintha but my mother stopped me. -o- weirdo.

ok. i need to do some homeworks. :]
byebye. :]

"Every today will be a yesterday tomorrow. Every memory is a moment time swallows."

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